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1 In Music

We are an online magazine about music, that is from all over the world, all genres, all origins, all times, no discrimination…

  • We review music as long as your work is genuine and shows to us that you value music and our time.
  • We invite anyone interested in music to partake in this. You are not just a reader, you can earn points for reading about music, listening to music, watching videos and posting your own reviews (you get points if they are approved for posting). These points allow you to play games, enter regular draws to win music-related prizes, get free advertising, get your favourite artist featured and many more bonuses exclusively reserved to our most faithful readers. This gives equal opportunity to those with money and those without.
  • interview musicians to help you know them better and help each other get better at music
  • do musicians profiles that showcase their artistry and the legacy they contribute to music.
  • offer a music hosting platform for anyone who wants to write about music, sell music guides or any other music-related idea that can be done or exchanged online to share freely or make money.

and a lot more to come

In 2015, we merged 1inmusic with the Singer-Songwriters* worldwide non-profit project which is about the music legacy of performing songwriters worldwide. It includes a radio and several writings on various aspect of the subject including the artists, the musical styles, the lyrical themes and more. The website had the ambition to hum if not sing the praises of our musical heroes, performing songwriters from all over the world. They echo in their melodies, words, rhythms, strings and more, what it is to be human. In the expression of their creativity, exorcising our deepest heartfelt tides, we find our humanity, rediscover our history, celebrate life or escape reality and sometimes even understand better both the world and ourselves. Although this is arguably subjective, it is at least a glance and a share of the world through its performing songwriters. You will find that a specific category has been reserved for songwriters on this site and the main radio show with a podcast here remains “I Write The Songs”. It made sense to bring them together because the teams were the same and it made us more efficient.

* A singer-songwriter is a musician who writes, composes and often sings their own material including lyrics and melodies. They often provide the sole accompaniment to an entire composition or song, typically using a guitar or piano. As a result these also include so-called performing-songwriters including writers who might not sing in their song but at least play an essential instrument of the song including therefore performing “instrumentals” composers. A number of other well-known musicians may write some of their own songs, but are usually called singers instead.