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Vertikal LIVE Radio’s Mission is to change the narrative of media through empowering communities to build bridges of sustainability through the arts.

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Our view of sustainability and the culture of the world is that, we typically don’t imagine the arts as playing a role in creating a sustainable future. However, the arts can be an approachable medium in which to explore and advocate for social equity. Opening doors for difficult, but meaningful conversations. The arts have the power to ground us in deeper purpose. They encourage us to view the world in new, less rational ways and open our minds to new possibilities.

C. Stene Duckworth

C. Stene Duckworth


N.  (Uncunvintial) Atchison

N. (Uncunvintial) Atchison


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Meet J.M. Kelly

J.M. Kelly has been a middle school teacher, a vice-principal, a principal, a  Co-Director of the New Jersey State History Fair, a consultant for the New Jersey Foundation for Educational Administration, a current Board member of the Global Learning Project (a non-profit) and Past-President of the Morris County Association of Elementary and Middle School Administrators.  

He has been the recipient of numerous education awards such as the New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Award, two Geraldine Dodge Foundation Grants, and by acclamation of his school staff, received the New Jersey Principal’s and Supervisor’s Association Principal of the Year Award for Visionary Leadership in 2007. He has authored two professional books:  Student-Centered Teaching for Increased Participation and In Search of Leadership.

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

1 In Music

We are an online magazine about music, that is from all over the world, all genres, all origins, all times, no discrimination… We review music as long as your work is genuine and shows to us that you value music and our time. We invite anyone interested in music to...

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